Manage a day to day Schedules for Advocates.

At Practiso, we have a rather simple approach. From the very beginning of working on this concept we started to meet several Advocates who enlightened us more clearly on this area.

Here, at Practiso, we are aware as to how difficult it is for the Advocates to manage a day to day legal diary to keep up a proper pace with court schedule. Things like manual entry of all the case details with its relevant date page is not an easy task and that too when it has to be done on a daily basis without any fault.

To many Advocates we met, who were practicing without any associates, we came to know that it is quite difficult for them to come back from the hectic work of court and then manual reentering the whole lot of cases in their respective next hearing dates all alone. And, it’s not only difficult for Advocates practicing singly but also for a firm of Advocates which involves entries from multiple Advocates. It became very clear that a lot was to be done in this area to make the working of the Advocates much simpler.

Practiso, is one handy app that helps the Advocates to keep all their cases at one place. Starting from the date of filing the case, one can make whole record of the case simply by entering the next hearing date which will be notified on the entered date automatically and thus will reduce the manual work considerably. Practiso mainly aims at keeping the effective work in view and reducing the work load on the same time.


practiso is an Advocate Office Management Application aimed at providing simple solutions to the Advocates in the management of their Cases, Notes, Schedules and Other Compliances.

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