Online Office Management System for Advocates

Online Office Management System for Advocates

At Practiso, we’re aware of the importance of case diary to an advocate. It is one of the essential requirement of any advocate for the management of his day to day cases, notes and schedules. Since, all the advocates use a typical case diary to make all the entries manually, it’s time for you to switch to a digital way of maintaining it, which keeps all your entries at one place digitally and without any hassle of re-entering the same data again and again.

Practiso is a digital legal diary aiming at easing your work. Gone are the days when one used to flip over the pages to search for their cases, notes and schedules. There are several features in Practiso which are worth having for any practicing advocate.

  1. ‘Today’s Listing’ notifies you of present day case schedules.
  2. ‘Unattended Cases’ notifies the cases which could not be attended on a previous day.
  3. ‘Compliances’ acts as reminders for case related tasks that needs to be completed.
  4. ‘Create Group’ which enables you to create a group and add all your associates/juniors of your firm as users.
  5. ‘Auto Sync’ feature which syncs all the data with other users in the group.
  6. A separate web-panel which further eases your management work.

We are consistently working on the app to add more and more features for making your work easier. Our team is committed to work for the betterment of the management system of the Advocates.


practiso is an Advocate Office Management Application aimed at providing simple solutions to the Advocates in the management of their Cases, Notes, Schedules and Other Compliances.

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