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Practiso is an Advocate Office Management Application.

At Practiso, we know how hard it gets for an advocate to manage his/her office while also preparing for the cases. From taking up a fresh case till its final disposal, an advocate has to manage on various things like preparing for the case, working on its arguments, preparing notes and what not! Also, comes a tedious job of maintaining all the cases date-wise so that you find the right case-file just when you need it.

To manage number of cases, advocates all over India typically maintain a Case Diary wherein they jot-down all their cases. All such cases are rewritten a number of times as per their scheduled hearing dates. For scheduling the cases on their next hearing date, one has to rewrite the case name, court name, judge name and other related information again and again on a daily basis to keep the diary up-to-date. This task of updating the diary is quite tedious yet very important and needs a great attention, if any case is missed, it can cause a great trouble both to the advocate and the client as well.

Practiso makes this work way simpler. Long gone are the days of using such typical handwritten case-diary. Gone are the days when advocates used to stumble upon the pages of the diary to find the exact case, date and its notes. We bring you a new digital way to manage your diary which would help you to update all case details easily and search for them with just one tap.

By using Practiso, you will not have to make the entries of the cases again and again on their scheduled date. The only thing you will have to do is to select the next date for the case and the app will do it all for you.

Practiso also lets you make groups and add users in the group. Say there are associates/juniors in a firm, the administrator of the app can create a group and add them to the group.

Practiso synchronizes all the data amongst its users (associates/juniors) in the group. Data like adding new case, name of the parties, taking up a next hearing date etc. will be automatically shared amongst its users (associates/juniors) in the Group. This notifies to the other associates/juniors that a particular case has been attended and thus avoids repetition.

So, bring out the digital advocate from you and get Practiso app now, an app with simple interface with easy-to-use features and change the way you manage your case diary.

The app is available on all three platforms i.e. Android, Windows and iOS.

What we do?

At Practiso, we’re consistently working for making your work easier. Our team at Infinite Technology is committed to work for the betterment of the management system of the advocates.

Practiso is an emerging Advocate Office Management application. We’re constantly working on the application to add more and more features.

We will be happy to hear from you. For any suggestions/feedback/complains, you can feel free to contact us at :


practiso is an Advocate Office Management Application aimed at providing simple solutions to the Advocates in the management of their Cases, Notes, Schedules and Other Compliances.

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